Fashion. Forward. Classic.

Handmade and handcrafted artisan pieces; strong and yet subtle, making a statement. wear alone or pair with multiple selections from our studio or your own collection.

His Leather
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Miuccia Prada designed and handcrafted with materials inspired by nature emphasizing color and texture. The organic quality of leather and genuine snakeskin, while fitting the polish of Swarovski crystals side by side with Murano glass,  porcelain and enamel, make our pieces a statement to add to your collection. Handmade beads of Murano and Venetian glass from artisan studios in Italy and handcrafted porcelain and enamel beads from studios in the mid-west of the United States give the juxtaposition of these materials a contemporary look and feel while remaining sophisticated and distinctive. Our designs and colors are on trend while remaining classic, and our materials' usage is season-less... designed with attention, crafted rather than produced.

The metallic quality of the Murano artisan materials that we use is a result of  24k gold, sterling silver and/or white gold being infused into the glass making process, with no two beads being exactly alike.

2Design Studios

cool sophistication in jewelry

crafted rather than produced.

Equestrian Inspired
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Swarovski Crystals
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" is instant language". 

Her Leather
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Murano Glass
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